What happens after a student report is made?

Step 1 - Report

Report of misconduct received by the University


Step 2 - Assessment

The complaint is assessed by staff in the Advisory Service. Consideration is given to the level of risk to safety and wellbeing for individual concerned.

Depending upon risk, a referral made to cause for concern group. The Police will also be contacted either if the risk is deemed to be high and/or the report concerns abuse of vulnerable people.

Otherwise, a decision is then made whether the complaint should proceed to a formal investigation internally.


Step 3 - Formal investigation

Student Registry inform the reported student of the allegations and the process.

An authorised officer, usually a member of staff, is appointed to oversee the investigation.

This person then interviews relevant parties to gather information on the incident/s and produces a report on findings.


Step 4 - Recommendations

The authorised officer will make a recommend outcome, i.e. disciplinary action; referral to a student disciplinary panel or no further action.


Step 5 - Student disciplinary panel

The panel will consider the case and provide the reported student with an opportunity to respond.

It then determines the outcome, either no further action or penalties up to and including expulsion from the university.


Step 6 - Appeals

A senior member of staff considers the submission and determines the next steps, i.e. the original ruling remains; action to revise the penalty or a full appeal hearing.

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