What is Sexual assault / violence?

Sexual assault can include but is not limited to unwanted touching and kissing, rubbing, groping or forcing a person to touch another person in sexual ways, catcalling, whistling, non-consensual electronic sharing of explicit images, exposure of genitals and secretive viewing of others naked or during sex. Sexual assault can include unwanted touching through clothing or a bed sheet, and can be done with any part of the body or with anything else.

If a man penetrates another person's vagina, anus or mouth, without their consent or agreement, that is rape. Both men and women can be raped but under current Scottish law, only men can commit rape. If someone of any gender penetrates another person with any other part of their body or another object, this is assault by penetration but would be treated similarly to rape if taken to court.

To help everyone in the Abertay community to better understand the definition of sexual violence, we encourage staff and students to undertake our Consent on Campus online training module.

What should I do if I or someone I know has experience sexual assault or violence?

Find out what support is available.

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