Disclosure and Support Process

Step 1:

Students/staff report through online reporting tool


Step 2:

After a student disclosure has been made, Student Services arrange a one to one meeting with the reporting individual within one week. In this meeting a support package is agreed, including referrals to appropriate internal and external agencies. Consideration is also given to your preferences around pursuing the complaint as a police matter or as an internal disciplinary matter.

Disclosures from staff are followed up by Human Resources.

We will normally respond directly to the person reporting the incident(s). Where the reporting individual is a third party, we will seek to ascertain whether consent is in place for their situation to be discussed with this individual, however this is not a requirement for submitting a report


Step 3:

The relevant part of the University delivers the support agreed and readjusts the plan where necessary.

If a disclosure is made anonymously, the report will be noted and followed up by the relevant department, with additional support plans put in place when necessary.

Any persons reporting anonymously are welcome to contact us for an update or to discuss the matter further however, by doing so, they may become identifiable.

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