What happens after a report is made? 

When a named disclosure is made, either via the Tell Us site or by email or verbal report, it will be followed-up and investigated in line with University policies and protocols. These may include staff and student disciplinary procedures or policies such as Bullying and Harassment. 

If a named disclosure has been made by or about an Abertay student, a member of the Advisory Service may arrange a one-to-one meeting to discuss the report with the reporting individual and determine the preferred course of action.  

If a meeting is held, a student support package may also be agreed, which can include referrals to appropriate internal and external agencies, and implementation of additional arrangements in relation to life on campus or in halls of residence. This is to ensure the reporting individual feels safe while the investigation is carried out.   

More information on student conduct policies and procedures can be found on the Abertay University website. 

Named disclosures made by or about a member of Abertay staff are followed up by People Services. They will normally respond directly to the person reporting the incident(s) to discuss the complaint and ascertain next steps.  

Where the reporting individual is a third party, the University will seek to ascertain whether consent is in place for their situation to be discussed with the student or member of staff involved, before determining the best course of action. This consent is not a requirement for submitting a report. 


What about anonymous reports? 

If a disclosure is made anonymously, it will be recorded confidentially and reviewed by the relevant department.  

In most cases, the University will be unable to instigate any formal procedures for investigating anonymous reports. However, if there are any trends identified by anonymous reports (for example, if there is a spike in anonymous reports within a specific discipline or student group), additional support plans may be put in place. 

Any persons reporting anonymously will have the opportunity to contact us for an update or to discuss the matter further using the designated ticket number outlined in the automated email response. Please be aware that by doing so, you may become identifiable. 


What happens if someone makes a report about me? 

It can be very distressing if you have been accused of behaviour like bullying, harassment, or sexual misconduct. If a report is made about you, please be assured you will be given the opportunity to respond.  

The University will not make assumptions on the relative merits of a complaint and no party will be considered ‘at fault’ until a complaint has been fully investigated.   

The University has robust processes and policies in place to ensure all parties are treated fairly and properly supported throughout any investigative or resultant disciplinary proceedings (if required). 

If you have been accused of something and would like additional advice and support, you can speak with your line manager or People Services adviser (if you’re a member of staff) or a member of the Advisory team (if you are a student).   

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